Killing weeds

Killing Weeds

When it comes to gardening or farming, the most pertinent issues after planting is usually farm management. This entails having to deal with weeds. It is indeed true that there are some important weeds for the crops, but in most cases, weeds are usually disadvantageous to the farmer. If left to grow uncontrollably, weeds can easily choke the crops and ‘colonize’ the farm. It is therefore imperative that the farmer or gardener comes up with strategies to kill these weeds. Killing of weeds can take two procedures, either natural or artificial. This paper takes a look at both methods of killing weeds.

The natural ways involve the use of vinegar solution, manual labor or organic solutions. While using vinegar, one takes up the solution and sprays directly onto the weeds. It is an effective method when the weeds are just beginning to sprout. Care needs to be taken however, to ensure that the solution doesn’t tough the planted crops as it might also kill them. The other method is through manually working on the farm to weed out these plants. One can use a hoe or a knife, or even bare hands if the weeds are not too big and the crops too delicate. The use of organic solutions is also viable, as it helps eliminate the weeds without harming the crops or soil.

Artificial ways basically entail the use of inorganic chemicals that are commercially manufactured by agricultural companies. These chemicals are then diluted by use of water as per the requirements, and then sprayed over the weeds accordingly. It is efficient and usually very fast. It ends up clearing the whole farm of any weeds, thereby just leaving the crops to grow luxuriantly, well, if the nutrients that were to be provided by some of the killed weeds, are provided to them accordingly.

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