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  • Outlines – outlines may not always be something that you use when writing, but you should reconsider that. An outline can be used for many different purposes, and can be integral to making an essay as good as it can be when you finish.
  • Attention to detail – good essays are focused on details. While you may not think it is important, having smaller details included can impress whoever is reading, because it indicates a level of familiarity which the subject material, whatever that is.
  • Remember the basics – the thesis statement appears twice. Each paragraph has a topic sentence at the start, and a concluding sentence at the end. Each paragraph is put in a certain spot so that it blends with the other paragraphs to create a cohesive whole paper.
  • Research – research can be tricky. It is possible to do too little work, and most people will be familiar with the results of that. But it is also possible to do too much, and end up with more ideas than can be accommodated.
  • One paragraph, one idea – this is linked to the research problem above. Each body paragraph has one idea attached to it, and only one. This gives the writer a chance to thoroughly explore each idea when writing about it, and therefore more room.
  • Proofreading – proofreading is not a stage that should be skipped! Bad writing is what makes essays into less than what they should be, which is particularly galling when you remember that a lot of those same mistakes could have been avoided with proofreading.
  • Bibliography – pay attention to your bibliography, since the requirements are normally complicated. Bibliographies which are incomplete or otherwise wrong mean that anybody wanting to look up a reference will be unable to do so without extreme difficulty. It can also open writers up to charges of plagiarism.

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